What students are saying

Since launching this website, AU students have been speaking up.  Here is a sampling of comments taken from Facebook and other social media about Athabasca University’s ‘Call Centre’woman at computer

  • Signed. I absolutely HATED the call centre. You have to wait forever for a response and (in my experience) my question was never really answered, so it was just a big waste of my time and effort!
  • They are cutting costs wherever they can, whether the student agree or not…so now they will not have to pay the tutors as much and will be getting rid of most of them and we will have to deal with this silly call system and wait even longer for answers than we already do. Between this and the forced etexts I will be switching schools very soon.
  • Consider signing this even if you aren’t an AU student – I’m a grad, and I start more classes in July. Their current model is great, and if you ask me, necessary for the types of classes that they offer including counseling psychology, religion/spirituality and philosophy/ethics. Most of the learning comes from discussion, and that’s being kept from us. Please sign and share!
  • The business one took 5-7 days to get back to me. How is that at all helpful? By the time I heard from them I forgot why I called
  • Money for new buildings. No money for books or tutors? The people running AU now are aware that it is a SCHOOL right?
  • This is something that will really have a negative impact on learning through AU.