Motion passed by General Faculties Council of Athabasca University – Sept 17, 2014

Whereas the Post- Secondary Learning Act establishes a bicameral structure of governance;

Whereas the General Faculty Council has primary jurisdiction for Academic Affairs;

Whereas the method of teaching and course delivery is an Academic Affair;

Whereas matters of pedagogy are protected under Academic Freedom;

Whereas the General Faculty Council standing subcommittee of the Academic Learning Environment Committee has been tasked with studying the Athabasca University course delivery methods and has yet to deliver its report and recommendations to the General Faculty Council;

therefore, I move that, before any further implementation of the Student Success Centre,* the matter be brought before the General Faculty Council for discussion, consultation and recommendation so that any further implementation will best serve the needs and priorities of each individual faculty, and consider the full impact that any further implementation will have on the pedagogical practices and learning environment for students and tutors.

* Note: The AU administration refers to the Call Centre as the “Student Success Centre.”